Singapore logotype design shows the brand and its products or services to the world. Logotype design explains what the company is and even push potential clients to make them buy.
Most of ceo’s underestimate a good logotype design and do not give the deserved importance to its creation process.
Many experts have established  some steps to follow which help any company with  a logotype designing process

1.The first thing after reading information about what the brand is, is to get immerse into  the brand from the different vertexes  of  the company (client-competition-opportunities-threats). The idea is to visualize the brand from one by one of those little worlds, and determine where the very first idea of the logo will be located. All the data of this vertexes will be put on the table and from there will start the research step. This first step is called Breafing and immersion.

2. Second step is research, which is crucial for logotypes designing. Only in one image will be contained all the concept of the brand, what the company represents, its values and all the sensations that are wanted to be sent. It depends on the result of that research that the logo will transmit certain feelings to the audience, for example, if  the brand is friendly or responsible, if it is serious or funny. Through this research, which will conform the logotype designing basis, the designer should take into consideration the competition of the company, so as the current and future opportunities for the brand that do exist in the market; take in consideration also the audience and its economical and social profile. It is also important to know the current needs of the society in order to connect with the audience.

3. Third step is to sketch, outline and draft. In this step the logo design will be embodied for the very first time (on a paper or computer file). All the ideas and conceptual shapes that we have imagined  will be captured in this step. Logo designing is like any other process, during the path we are going to proof and to refine the idea, and we are going to subtract the elements that do not work, until we get the most purest creation.

4. Fourth step: Design. In this step the logo design will be drawn using the adequate vectorial design program (Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign). The sketch of the logotype design normally  could have mistakes, but must be clean and prolix.  Colors, harmonious shapes and fonts must have been worked.

5. Presentation. In this step the logotype design proposal must be presented to the audience. At this point the logo must have captured all the ideas and client’s aims, in order to take the brand further. In the presentation step, all the little corrections that would be needed, must being done and incorporated to the final result .

When the final result of logotype design is achieved, instructions of its used must be shared, in order to keep coherence and an excellent identity communication.