A  great logo design should aim to differentiate between the brand and its competition. Logo design must create  a nexus between customers and the brand.
Creation of a great logo design is something important for a company. It is not enough for the logo design to be visually pleasant. Logo design need to be significant, Logo design need to means something. That is why  creativity  is really important, so as colors, shapes,  text, which should be carefully introduced.
Sometimes, as long as time passes by, a logo design could change, beacuse of the need to adapt to new social circumstances, to  a new work philosophy, or to mantain a status in the market.
In marketing and publicity universe does exist an antique discussion about logos and isotypes. Some people say that are synonymous, some others say  that are different concepts and another group of people say that isotype concept should not even exist.
For many publicists the difference between a logotype and an isotype, is that  the first one is the written shape of a brand, and the second one is the mix of the written shape and a graphic symbol that characterize a brand.
Whether a company choose a logotype or an isotype, colors are important for design. Colors awake different sensations in people, that is why the selection of colors is so important in the logo design.
For example, red awake passion, strength, heat, happiness. Orange awake communication and action, yellow awake youth and intelligence, green transmit peace and nature. On the other side,  blue  awake spirituality and rationality, brown  transmit richness and density, violet awake loyalty and religion, Black transmit  elegance, and whit transmit pureness. That is why the work of an expert in the area is so important when it comes to design a logo. The wrong choice about colors could make the logo fail.
Shapes are also very important when it comes to design a logo. Rectangular shapes make the logo design look stronger and  with character, while circular shapes gives to the logo design a friendly and warm look.
As you see, The design of the logo of your company is very important to have a place in the market, that is why the task of creation it must be left to a professional company in the area.