Companies must consider that logotypes must condense the services and the spirit of the compan, to give an idea to customers of what the company is about.

Logos of most of the companies tend to fail. The main reason for this is that ususally  companies  forget the meaning of the sentences “Less is more”. Logotypes of companies must be concise, clear and direct, in order for customers identifyeasily the message (as consecuence, be reached)

Logotypes must be simple, in order to not distract or confuse.  For example,
There must be a good combinartion of color, but not made with a huge amout of colors combined.
Also, the logo of a company should not be framed or enclosed
in a drawn box.  Message of lobgos must be the very first point of attention.
During the creating logos process should not be forgotten  to be concrete and concise at the moment of choose text and images  that will compose  that is why, follow this following rules will be very carefull. Here some very concise advices.
-Keep the logo simple
-Do not use many colors
-Do not outline the logo
-Do not write on the logo
-Avoid  putting logo in a box